Ambasador Piotr Ostaszewski

Ambassador’s Message

After over a year and a half during which COVID-19 pandemic brought economic activity to a near-standstill, both Polish and Korean economies have now almost returned to pre-pandemic activity levels. This is a strongly optimistic sign for the development of future economic cooperation between both countries.

Polish companies operating in new technologies sector are also back on track and ready to export their products and solutions abroad. The Republic of Korea – a country on the forefront of technological revolution – is seen as a promising partner ready to acquire state-of-the-art solutions form partners all around the world. Polish companies are eager to start their cooperation with companies.

In response to significant interest Polish companies show in the Korean market, Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Seoul with support of Polish Foreign Trade Office in Seoul is organizing the 1st edition of Poland Business Week – an event aimed at promoting Polish tech companies in the Republic of Korea. In 2021, Poland Business Week will be a virtual event organised between 13-17th of September. It is worth mentioning that year 2021 marks the 10th anniversary of signing the EU – RoK Free Trade Agreement. Poland Business Week is one of events organised within “EU in RoK Umbrella Program” celebrating the anniversary.

Poland Business Week is aimed at promoting Polish companies operating in the fields of new and advanced technologies. In 2021, the event focuses on the promotion of companies operating in the following sectors: fintech, cybersecurity, drones, games, yachts and boats as well as medical devices and equipment. Companies participating in the event have consequently worked on enhancing the quality of their products and services as well as developing new ones. Now, most of them are recognized by customers both in Europe and in other countries around the world.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, in 2021 Poland Business Week will solely take place online Next editions are planned to be hybrid events combining in-person meetings and online promotion.

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to Poland Business Week. I would like to assure you that Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Seoul and Polish Trade Office in Seoul always stand ready to help in building new cooperation between Polish and Korean companies.

Piotr Ostaszewski
Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to the Republic of Korea